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    Flevo Campus Dialogues
    Floriade Edition

    This was the Flevo Campus Dialogues • Floriade Edition 2021! In case you missed it or want to rewatch the whole program, you can find the recordings of this year’s talks here.

    With Flevo Campus we aim to bring people in food together. Flevo Campus forms the bridge between research, education and entrepreneurship, in order to accomplish new smart developments. To start conversations and kickstart change in our food system we organized Flevo Campus Dialogues. This is an annual summit with varying themes for everyone who is involved or wants to be involved with food. With the Flevo Campus Dialogues • Floriade Edition on November 3rd 2021 we explored the role of taste with the theme Taste for Change.

    The way we currently produce, buy and eat food has a major impact on our planet. We need to change our food systems to move towards a sustainable, healthy, fair and inclusive food culture. We want to discover what role taste can play in all this and you are invited to join us! During an online liveshow speakers from different backgrounds will elaborate on taste: from changing food patterns to traditions and taste preferences. You can watch the recordings here.

    How have these patterns changed over time? And what is the influence of the globalized world? Is there a way to create a food system that delivers sustainable choices for all? With the Flevo Campus Dialogues – Floriade Edition we’d like to inspire you with a program full of insights on the importance of taste towards more sustainable consumption.

    Program Taste for Change

    Taste for Patterns - Online live talkshow

    What can we learn from existing food patterns and how these have changed over time in a globalized world? How can we use these insights to develop diverse and sustainable food cultures and consumption practises in multi-etnic cities? What role does taste play in all this? How could a mix of innovation and tradition contribute to this new food culture? In this online talkshow we discuss this with scientists, chefs and activists.

    Keynote speakers: Stefan Wahlen (Giessen University), Selassie Atadika (Chef Midunu) Speakers: Lenno Munnikes (Flevo Campus), Femke Mosch (Supermarket of the future), Bilal Bouazza (Laymous). Moderator: Helen Kranstauber (Food Cabinet).

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    Taste for action - Deep Dives

    This is the part where you come into play. During these interactive deep dive sessions you will learn from entrepreneurs in the field and put your knowledge to practice.

    Deep Dive 1: The Taste of a Vegan Revolution

    In this Deep Dive we discussed with innovative entrepreneurs on how they work with taste in developing their sustainable products. What role does taste play in the vegan revolution? How do innovative entrepreneurs play with ‘taste’ in producing vegan alternatives? And how can we make the vegan revolution more inclusive? Get insights on how entrepreneurs work to get consumers used to new tastes (like vegan tuna), and on how entrepreneurs produce their sustainable products in a way that they suit existing taste preferences.

    Speakers: Pascal Labrie (Karma Kebab), Dennis Favier (SEASOGOOD), Lotte Bronswijk (North Sea Farmers), Mark Kulsdom (Dutch Weed Burger). Moderator: Maaike de Reuver (Food Inspiration).

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    Deep Dive 2: Inclusive Marketing

    Society has become a place where diversity is the rule, not the exception. However, there are still some barriers to work on. With his agency 'Allyens' Taha Riani focuses on making contacts and puts you on the road to progress with inclusive communication. With this workshop you learn how to communicate in a more inclusive way.

    Speakers: Taha Riani (Allyens). Moderator: Lotte Sluiter.

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    Deep Dive 3: High Quality Arabic Food In Dutch Supermarkets

    From Morocco to the Middle East: influences from these countries are the new trend in the kitchen. With cookbooks like Arabia and SOUQ and their own SOUQ product line, Nadia Zerouali and Merijn Tol have introduced Arabic flavors to the Dutch kitchen table. Besides that, Nadia has a Couscousbar and she is a television chef on Dutch National TV. In this workshop Nadia tells you more on who the consumers of SOUQ are, and if concessions on taste were also necessary to make the traditional dishes accessible to a wide audience.

    Speakers: Nadia Zerouali (SOUQ). Moderator: Maarten Kuiper.

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    About Flevo Campus Dialogues • Floriade Edition

    The Flevo Campus Dialogues – Floriade Edition on November 3rd is the successor of the second edition of the Floriade Dialogues Summit. The Summit had to be postponed due to COVID-19. The Flevo Campus Dialogues will be an introduction to the activities on the Flevo Campus and the Floriade Expo 2022. The goal is to create a platform for debate and international exchange.