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Rewatch the program: Flevo Campus Dialogues • Floriade Edition

On November 3rd we organized Flevo Campus Dialogues • Floriade Edition. Together with chefs, entrepreneurs and researchers we explored the role of taste in an online program with the theme Taste for Change. People with all backgrounds from all over the world tuned in to watch the liveshow and participate in the Deep Dives. Did you miss out? Don’t worry, we recorded everything so you can rewatch the whole program!
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Online live talkshow – Taste for Patterns

Lenno Munnikes, Program Director of Flevo Campus, starts the liveshow with explaining why taste is such an important topic that’s worth exploring. Keynote speaker professor Stefan Wahlen talks about the social aspects of food and the role of taste in socially sustainable food cultures. Then, chef Selassie Atadika explains what work she does with the Midunu Institute and gives us an insight into the food culture of Ghana. After the keynote speakers, Bilal Bouazza and Femke Mosch join moderator Helen Kranstauber at the table to talk about their initiatives and local and inclusive food systems.

Deep Dive 1 – The Taste of a Vegan Revolution

In this Deep Dive, moderator Maaike de Reuver talks with four innovative entrepreneurs in plant based food. Dennis Favier, Pascal Labrie and Mark Kulsdom all founded their own companies that produce vegan alternatives to animal products. They discuss how and why they all started their companies and how the market for these products keeps evolving. Lotte Bronswijk tells us all about seaweed and its applications in vegan foods.

Deep Dive 2 – Inclusive Marketing

Taha Riani gives us an extensive workshop on inclusive marketing in this Deep Dive. He is the founder of inclusive marketing agency Allyens and helps all kinds of companies and organizations to tailor their messages and campaigns to the diversity of society. Taha talks about the complex challenges that come with diversity and how brands can embrace inclusive communication in order to create new opportunities.

This video will be uploaded shortly

Deep Dive 3 – High Quality Arabic Food in Dutch Supermarkets

In Deep Dive 3 we invited tv-chef and entrepreneur Nadia Zerouali to talk about her brand SOUQ that’s available in Dutch supermarkets. Why did she decide to start her own product line? What is her relationship with the Moroccan farmers that produce the spices and grains for her products? How did SOUQ end up in supermarkets, and why is that such a big achievement?

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