Food and the city

What we do

Flevo Campus helps give people what they need to make sound food choices. Through innovative research, we work to find fresh solutions to the food dilemmas facing cities today. We view food as a catalyst for change, and we’re building food systems that are healthy, sustainable, and accessible for all.


Flevo Campus brings together entrepreneurs, educators, chefs, students, researchers, and policymakers in a single research institute. This interdisciplinary approach means we often uncover novel answers to the complex food questions cities face.

By facilitating innovation, experimentation, and applied scientific research, by supporting food researchers, and by promoting and streamlining food education, Flevo Campus helps address all manner of food-related issues.

Back story

Flevo Campus is an initiative of the City of Almere, in the Dutch province of Flevoland. Almere continues to be the fastest-growing city in the country. But where does this young city—or other cities like it around the world—get its food?

From farmland, of course.

The province of Flevoland is built on land reclaimed from the waters of the IJsselmeer in the 1950s and 60s. Today, that land has some of the most productive soil anywhere. Here you’ll find ambitious and innovative farms, both conventional and organic. But the vast majority of food produced in Flevo fields goes to feed people far away, not the locals in nearby cities. Flevo Campus wants to help change that.

Where rural meets urban, you’ll find Flevo Campus, perfectly positioned to link the city and the countryside. Flevo Campus is also at the confluence of thinking and doing. We bring the highly productive hinterlands in contact with eaters and entrepreneurs. Together, we work to shorten supply chains and connect city dwellers directly with the land that feeds them.


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