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    PhD position Food for whom and by whom?

    The Almere faculty focuses on study programmes and practical research in which the green knowledge domain is linked to the urban environment. Major fields of interest include biology, food, health, circular economy, sustainability, and innovative green planning. Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere is a partner in the development of the Flevo Campus, which is being created on the Floriade exhibition site over the next few years. The Flevo Campus is a knowledge hub where education, research, entrepreneurs and governments meet around the theme of “Feeding the City”.

    The security of future proof food systems is rising on the urban agenda. More localized and regional food systems are increasingly assigned a pivotal role in feeding cities in a sustainable and healthy way and Almere is a case in point. A reduced physical distance between production and consumption is assumed to improve the food sustainability, to enhance population health, and to contribute to the regional economic development. Thus, an important question is how and in what way regional food initiatives can contribute to the transition towards a sustainable and economically viable regional food systems that contributes to more healthy consumption patterns?

    This PhD project addresses the transition to a sustainable regional food system for the city of Almere building on a mixture and integration of local, regional and national /global levels in feeding the city. In this transition process sustainability and health are tightly connected as the future food provision needs to be healthy as well as sustainable. A particular challenge is developing the regional level in combination with the two others: How to build a sustainable regional food system? At present several initiatives have already been taken in Almere and the province of Flevoland but they require embedding and upscaling to become viable and effective also in the long run. This context allows for action research, using the potential of the city of Almere and its wider provincial embedding as a living lab to develop and implement innovative designs that may serve as models for similar initiatives elsewhere.

    Interested? Make sure to reply before February 18th. Check the Aeres website for more information.