Flevo Campus Food Conference

Do our intestinal bacteria dictate our health – or does our health dictate them?

At the 12th of October you have the opportunity to think along pro-actively – together with fellow students and scientsts – about this topic at the Flevo Campus Food Conference in Almere. Three experts will give an introduction into their perspectives on the importance of a healthy intestinal flora, the role of nutrition in this matter, barriers to innovate and the eventual health benefits. These presentations will introduce provocative statements concerning:

  • ‘Balancing intestinal microbiota is a prerequisite for healthy aging’,
  • ‘Detailed understanding microbial host interaction is impossible’
  • ‘The host immune function determines the microbial composition at all times’.

These statements should prompt debate among students and scientists in group-based discussion sessions guided by one of the experts. The aim of these sessions is to fathom new concepts for future research.

Do you want to be in dialogue with fellow students and scientists about these topical themes and contribute to possible future research topics? Join the Flevo Campus Food Conference!

Transportation is arranged and for free from Erasmus MC, Wageningen University and VU MC to Almere and back and dinner is included!

Date: Thursday October 12th 2017, 15.00 – 19.00

Location: Yakult Europe B.V, Schutsluisweg 1, Almere


15.00-16.00     Presentations by:

Eric Claassen – VU Amsterdam
Janneke Samsom – Erasmus MC
Michiel Kleerebezem – Wageningen University

16.00-17.00    Group-based discussion sessions

17.00-17.45    Closing plenary discussion session

17.45-19.00    Dinner (buffet)